Title: Alter
Medium: Granite
Size: 4’H x 5’W x 5’D
Description: Monolithic alter with flamed and polished surfaces. Built for a chapel
in St. Francis medical center, Los Angeles.

Title: Untitled
Black granite
Size: 5”x 8”
Description: Scale model for larger sculpture; 1” = 1’- 0.”

Title: Reception Desk
Medium: Natural stone and polished granite
Size: 4’H x 5’W 
Description: Reception desk for Nimbus Hair Salon, Los Gatos, California.

Title: Pedestal
Medium: Natural stone and black granite
Size: 4’H x 18”W
Description: Pedestal for Nimbus Hair Salon, Los Gatos, California.

Title: Free Standing Sculpture
Medium: Black marble & steel
Size: 5’H x 18”W

Title: Industrial Organic Table
Medium: Travertine and steel
Size: 2’H x 5’W
Description: One of many pieces displayed at the Industrial/Organic Functional
Art Show

Title: Carved Table Base
Medium: Marble
Size: 33”H x 4’W, 700lbs.
Description: Shown without glass table top that was installed between the base
and the cap to give the illusion that the stone is passing through the glass.

Title: Industrial Organic Coffee Table
Medium: Steel, white marble and red granite
Size: 2.5’ tall

Title: Stainless Reception Desk
Medium: Stainless steel with wood dowel
Size: 5”H x 12”W
Description: Scale model 1” = 1’

Title: Portal
Medium: Wood
Size: 10”H x 12”W
Description: Designed as a portal from one interior space to another. Scale model 1” = 1’

Title: Steel Relief Sculpture
Size: 2’ x 2’
Description: Made from 2” steel pipe

Title: Curved Shelf
Medium: Steel
Size: 8”H x 4.5’W

Title: Corner Shelves
Medium: Steel
Size: 4”H x 2’W each

Title: Shade
Medium: Canvas and steel
Size: Patio is 15’ wide. The supporting sculpture is 8’ tall and 3’ wide at the center.
Description: This is my version of a patio awning; note the stainless steel cantilever on the house.  The marble stone carving in the background is 3’ tall.

Title: Shade
Size: 8’H x 3’W
Description: Detail of sculptural support for sails in previous picture.

Title: Free Standing Sculpture
Medium: Steel
Size: 6’ tall; Detail shown is 2’H x 1’W

Steel & Limestone Shelf
Medium: Steel & Limestone
Size:7”H x 18”W

Title: The Castle
Medium: Steel
Description: Collaboration with architect Tom Grondona. A place where architecture
meets sculpture.

Title: The Wing
Medium: Steel and wood
Size: 25’ ceiling height at it’s tallest point
Description: A roofline that was designed to mimic a wing.

Title: The Wing
Medium: Steel mesh and I-beam
Size: Approximately 30’ wide
Description: Steel mesh stretched over I-beam structural supports.

Title: Above Castle
Medium: Steel
Description: View from the highest point of the castle.

Title: Catwalk, loft and spiral staircase
Medium: Catwalk – galvanized steel
Description: Catwalk will have glass floor upon completion.

Title: Steel Doors
Medium: Painted steel
Size: 7’H x 3’W

Title: Steel Atrium
Medium: Galvanized steel

Title: Three Piece Sculpture
Medium: Steel
Size: 23”H x 2”W

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